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Oprema potrebna za gledanje IPTV


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Although there are specialized devices like the MAG Box designed specifically for IPTV service, it is not necessary for customers to buy a hardware device as there are various applications and software that could be used to play IPTV with one of the devices you already own.


There are several ways in which IPTV streams can be viewed based on IPTV hardware and they are categorized as follows:




The first thing you need to consider is the operating system of your device. Then look for the best application on that operating system.

For example: If you have an Android-based device, you can use IPTV Smarters on Android or download the latest GSE IPTV version on Android.

In any case, the ExYu IPTV Team recommends the XCIPTV app for all Android and Fire TVs for our lists WolfTV PRo and SmartTV.

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Iako postoje specijalizovani uređaji poput MAG Box-a predviđeni baš za IPTV uslugu, nije neophodno da kupci kupuju hardverski uređaj jer postoje razne aplikacije i softver koji bi se mogli koristiti za reprodukciju IPTV-a sa jednim od uređaja koje već posjedujete.


Postoji nekoliko načina na koje se IPTV stream-ovi mogu gledati na osnovu IPTV hardvera i oni su kategorizirani ovako:




Prvo što morate uzeti u obzir je operativni sistem vašeg uređaja. Zatim potražite najbolju aplikaciju na tom operativnom sistemu.

Na primjer: Ako imate uređaj zasnovan na Androidu, možete koristiti IPTV Smarters na Androidu ili preuzeti najnoviju verziju GSE IPTV na Androidu.

ExYu IPTV Team vam u svakom slučaju preporučuje za sve Android i Fire TV uređaje XCIPTV app za naše liste WolfTV PRO i SmartTV.



Watching IPTV Hardware - SmartTV

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(Android OS, Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Insignia, Sharp, TCL, Hisense, Westinghouse, Toshiba, Vizio

Smart TVs are becoming very popular today and you can find them in every home. To install IPTV on Smart TV, we will mention several ways in this section. The most popular way is to download an application called the SIPTV App (Smart IPTV App) to the TV and send the M3U playlist with your Mac address to the SIPTV website.


Important note: SIPTV has had a lot of problems recently, so we don’t recommend it, but it’s still popular.


Our suggestions for priority and quality for Smart TV are:


IPTV Smarters in Smart TV

Smart STB in Smart TV

SIPTV application for Smart TV

SS IPTV in Smart TV

Kodi in Smart TV

Advantages of Smart TV-a


The main advantage of a smart TV is access to a large number of channels that offer TV programs, movies and music without the need to connect a TV antenna or subscribe to a cable / satellite service. In addition, some smart TVs offer web browsing, gaming, and access to compatible media content stored on your computer or HDD.


Disadvantages of Smart TV


As with other devices that connect you to the network, there are some security concerns. There have been problems, but work is being done to reduce it. In the future, there may also be an option for Firewall to defend TVs as well. There are also concerns about data theft and damage to privacy, and the most worrying are cameras and sound devices that take photos and record what is happening in the room. Face recognition has also been reduced as a security risk.

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(Android OS, Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Insignia, Sharp, TCL, Hisense, Westinghouse, Toshiba, Vizio)

Pametni televizori danas postaju vrlo popularni i možete ih pronaći u svakom domu. Kako bismo instalirali IPTV na Smart TV, nekoliko ćemo načina spomenuti u ovom odjeljku. Najpopularniji način je preuzimanjem aplikacije koja se zove SIPTV App (Smart IPTV App) na televizor i slanjem M3U liste za reprodukciju sa vašom Mac adresom na web lokaciju SIPTV.


Važna napomena: SIPTV nedavno ima mnogo problema, pa ga ne preporučujemo, ali je još uvijek popularan.


Naši prijedlozi po prioritetu i kvaliteti za Smart TV su:


IPTV Smarters u Smart TV-u

Smart STB u Smart TV-u

SIPTV aplikacija za Smart TV

SS IPTV u Smart TV-u

Kodi u Smart TV-u

Prednosti Smart TV-a


Glavna prednost pametnog televizora je pristup velikom broju kanala koji nude TV programe, filmove i muziku bez potrebe za povezivanjem TV antene ili pretplatom na kablovsku / satelitsku uslugu. Pored toga, neki pametni televizori nude pregledavanje weba, igranje igara i pristup kompatibilnom medijskom sadržaju sačuvanom na vašem računaru ili tvrdom disku HDD.


Mane Smart TV-a


Kao i kod ostalih uređaja koji vas povezuju s mrežom, donekle postoji zabrinutost oko sigurnosti. Bilo je problema, ali radi se na tome da se to smanji. U budućnosti će možda biti i opcija da će Firewall braniti i televizore. Takođe postoje zabrinutosti zbog krađe podataka i štete zbog privatnosti, a najviše zabrinjavaju kamera i zvučni uređaji koji fotografišu i snimaju ono što se događa u sobi. Prepoznavanje lica takođe je smanjeno kao opasnost po sigurnost.

signala u digitalnom formatu.

Setup Boxes

Watching IPTV Hardware - Setup Boxes

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Setup Boxes (MAG, Enigma2, FireTV, Roku, Android box, AppleTV)


STB stands for Set-up Box (Device Setter) is a device that converts input signals into one that can be displayed on a TV screen or other devices. STB also called Set-up Unit (STU) are common tools for watching IPTV, cable TV and satellite TV. A set top box or recognized as a STB is a device that contains a tuner that records an external signal source and delivers it to the TV for a high quality picture. A TV is required to maintain digital reception.

What is STB?formatu.

What is STB?

Advantages of Setup Box


Below is a brief demonstration of the benefits offered by Setup Boxes.


  • The amount of channels extends to a large amount.
  • Great improvement of image quality when using a set-top box.
  • All kinds of channel viewing problems will be reduced.
  • IPTV providers will be able to offer HD quality which is one of the most important purposes of a set-top box.
  • Big change on your small screens with the use of a set top box. It will bring you a digital revolution.


Disadvantages of Setup Boxes


  • Free channels will also not be available without the set-top box.
  • It will be mandatory to have a set top box, and this will add additional costs.


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Setup Box-ovi (MAG, Enigma2, FireTV, Roku, Android box, AppleTV)


STB je skraćenica od Set-up Box (Uređaj za podešavanje) je uređaj koji pretvara ulazne signale na onaj koji se može prikazati na TV ekranu ili drugim uređajima. STB koji se naziva i Set-up Unit (STU) uobičajeni su alati za gledanje IPTV-a, kablovske televizije i satelitske televizije. Set top box ili prepoznat kao STB je uređaj koji sadrži tuner koji snima eksterni izvor signala i isporučuje televizoru za visokokvalitetnu sliku. Televizor je potreban za održavanje prijema signala u digitalnom formatu.

Šta je STB?

Prednosti Setup Box-ova


Ispod je kratka demonstracija prednosti koje nude Setup Box-ovi.


  • Količina kanala proteže se na veliku količinu.
  • Veliko poboljšanje kvaliteta slike kada se koristi set-top box.
  • Smanjit će se sve vrste problema u gledanju kanala.
  • IPTV provajderi moći će ponuditi HD kvalitetu koja je jedna od najvažnijih namjena set-top box-a.
  • Velika promjena na vašim malim ekranima uz upotrebu set top boxa. Donijet će vam digitalnu revoluciju.


Mane Setup Box-ova


  • Slobodni kanali takođe neće biti dostupni bez set-top box-a.
  • Bit će obavezno imati set top box, a to će dodati dodatne troškove.


Android Boxes

Watching IPTV Hardware - Android Boxes

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Android Setup Boxes


Using an Android box like Amazon FireTV, you can connect to the Google Play Store and download thousands of Android games and play those games on your TV. The best Setup Box for watching IPTV channels and playing Android games is the Nvidia Shield which also comes with a Gamepad or controller that makes it easy to play Android games.

What is an Android box?

Advantages of Android Setup Box


The features of the Android box are the most important purpose why people buy them. In addition to being able to watch high-definition video on your TV, Android Boxes allow users to surf the Internet, use more than 500,000 apps and games directly on their TV without the need for an additional game console.


The prospect of a social network having an Android box is another attractive feature. For example, users can share striking websites and news directly from the TV, check email, chat online through various services and more. Android Boxes are changing the way we use TVs. The advantage of being able to use the internet from a TV is a very attractive innovation.


Disadvantages of Android Setup Boxes


As for the case where Android TV Box uses the operating system, this condition has no limitations in the production of informative and entertaining solutions. The real reason for this may be that the main system used by these frameworks is immediately available to independent developers. That's why a TV is a cheap approach to try out a wide range of unlimited information and entertainment, as developers simply have to pay to enable them to use the Android operating system.


There are a lot of apps available on Android, and many of them work great, however, we suggest XCIPTV (for our lists WolfTV PRO and SmartTV), Perfect Player or IPTV Extreme and believe this is the most complete and reliable way to watch IPTV channels in your tuning field.

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Android Setup Box-ovi


Koristeći Android box kao što je Amazon FireTV, možete se povezati s Google Play trgovinom i preuzeti hiljade Android igara i igrati te igre na svom televizoru. Najbolji Setup Box za gledanje IPTV kanala i igranja Android igara je Nvidia Shield koji također dolazi s Gamepadom ili kontrolerom koji olakšava igranje android igara.

Šta je Android box?

Prednosti Android Setup Box-ova


Karakteristike Android box-a najvažnija su svrha zašto ih ljudi kupuju. Pored toga što mogu gledati video visoke definicije na vašem televizoru, Android Box-ovi omogućavaju korisnicima surfanje internetom, korištenje više od 500 000 aplikacija i igara direktno na svom televizoru bez potrebe za dodatnom igraćom konzolom.


Perspektiva društvene mreže da ima Android box je još jedna atraktivna karakteristika. Na primjer, korisnici mogu dijeliti upečatljive web stranice i vijesti direktno s televizora, provjeravati e-poštu, ćaskati na mreži putem različitih usluga i još mnogo toga. Android Box-ovi mijenjaju način na koji koristimo televizore. Prednost mogućnosti korištenja interneta s televizora vrlo je atraktivna inovacija.


Mane Androidovih Setup Box-ova


Što se tiče slučaja da Android TV Box koristi operativni sistem, ovo stanje nema ograničenja u proizvodnji informativnih i zabavnih rješenja. Pravi uzrok tome može biti da je glavni sistem koji koriste ovi okviri odmah dostupan nezavisnim programerima. Zbog toga je TV prijemnik jeftin pristup za isprobavanje široke kategorije neograničenih informacija i zabave, jer programeri jednostavno trebaju platiti kako bi im omogućili upotrebu Android operativnog sistema.


Dostupno je puno aplikacija na Androidu, a mnoge od njih rade sjajno, međutim, mi predlažemo XCIPTV (za naše liste WolfTV PRO i SmartTV), Perfect Player te IPTV Extreme i vjerujemo da je ovo najcjelovitiji i najpouzdaniji način za gledanje IPTV kanala na vašem polju za podešavanje.

Amazon Fire TV

Watching IPTV Hardware - Amazon FireTV Firestick


Amazon Fire TV


The best application for setting IPTV on Fire TV is XCIPTV, which is also recommended by the ExYuIPTV Team for our lists WolfTV PRO and SmartTV, and of course a bit more complicated to set up, and even to use, at least at the beginning of use, is Kodi. Kodi is one of the most commonly used apps for streaming live TV channels and is one of the apps that already has some pre-installed apps within it and often comes with this Setup Box.


Benefits of Amazon FireTV


It’s hard to get by and not accept the pretty reasonable price of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can tell him things like "Play Walking Dead" or even "Find me a good horror movie" with your voice and he will show it to you on the TV to which the HDMI cable is connected. The most important purpose of people who buy the Amazon Fire TV Stick, of course, is to access the largest streaming content that IPTV has to offer.


Disadvantages of Amazon FireTV


That might be understandable, but you won’t get the equivalent kind of stick functionality as you’ll get with a complete set-top box like an Apple TV or even an Amazon Fire TV. Therefore, if you are a diligent gamer or movie purist, you could take a look at what Amazon Fire TV has to offer in terms of a streaming experience with better performance. Furthermore, the Amazon Fire TV comes with the ability to connect to Ethernet, which gives it a big boost on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which is still limited to Wi-Fi only.



Amazon Fire TV


Najbolja aplikacija za postavljanje IPTV-a na Fire TV je XCIPTV koju ujedno preporučuje i ExYuIPTV Team, te naravno nešto komplikovaniji za podesiti, pa i za koristiti, barem na početku samog korištenja, je Kodi. Kodi je jedna od najčešće korištenih aplikacija za streaming TV kanala uživo i jedna je od aplikacija koja već ima neke predinstalirane aplikacije unutar sebe i nerijetko dolazi s ovim Setup Box-om.


Prednosti Amazon FireTV


Teško je proći, a ne prihvatiti poprilično prihvatljivu cijenu Amazon Fire TV Stick-a. Svojim glasom možete mu reći stvari poput "Play Walking Dead" ili čak "Nađi mi dobar horor film" i on će vam to i prikazati na Tv-u na koji je puitem HDMI kabla priključen. Najvažnija svrha ljudi koji kupuju Amazon Fire TV Stick, naravno, je pristup najvećem streaming sadržaju koji IPTV ima ponuditi.


Mane Amazon FireTV-a


To bi moglo biti razumljivo, ali nećete dobiti ekvivalentnu vrstu funkcionalnosti u stiku kao što ćete dobiti s kompletnim set-top boxom poput Apple TV-a ili čak Amazon Fire TV-a. Stoga, ako ste marljivi igrač ili filmski purist, mogli biste pogledati šta Amazon Fire TV nudi u smislu streaming iskustva s boljim performansama. Nadalje, Amazon Fire TV dolazi s mogućnošću priključenja na Ethernet, što mu daje veliko pojačanje na Amazon Fire TV Stick, koji je i dalje ograničen samo na Wi-Fi.


Apple Boxes

Watching IPTV Hardware - Apple Box

Very similar to Android setup boxes, these devices are also compatible with watching IPTV channels and also downloading iOS based video games from the Apple store. Apple TV is one the best places for watching IPTV channels on your TV. Apple TV is a powerful media device that is used for streaming media contents including the live stream.
There are found generation of Apple TV and the latest one, 4th generation, is most favored one. This device is also compatible with KODI media player and you can install IPTV channels on Kodi while using your Apple TV.

Apple TV is a powerful media device that is used for streaming media contents including the live stream. It supports HDMI port, equipped with an infrared-based remote control and can be connected to the Internet via WiFi. Besides, users can stream media content from AirPlay or iTune. You can install IPTV on Apple TV via IP Television App.

Advantages of Apple TV setup boxes

Apple TV changes your normal TV into a Smart TV. 4K TVs are still very expensive, so Apple TV is an excellent choice for users on a budget. It provides unlimited content streaming from iTunes and other important streaming content providers.

Access a broad range of games in great HD quality. The Apple 4K has a compelling processor that competes with some laptops and can manage most heavy games on your TV.

Siri voice abilities allow the users to control the TV through voice. By voice commands, you can demand particular content and Siri will show them to you.

The Apple App Store has a range of apps that users can access through Apple TV. They include photo sharing, social media, shopping, workout, and weather apps.

Disadvantages of Apple TV setup boxes

Unlike other competitors like Roku and Chromecast, Apple TV lacks a USB port offering little support for audio and video. Apple does not provide processor upgrades for its streaming device once you buy it, you are stuck with it until another upgrade is launched.

Vrlo slični Androidovim Setup Box-ovima, ovi uređaji su takođe kompatibilni sa gledanjem IPTV kanala, kao i preuzimanjem iOS igara zasnovanih na Appleu iz Apple trgovine. Apple TV je jedno od najboljih mjesta za gledanje IPTV kanala na vašem televizoru. Apple TV je moćan medijski uređaj koji se koristi za strujanje medijskih sadržaja, uključujući prijenos uživo.
Pronađena je generacija Apple TV-a, a najnovija, 4. generacija, je najpoželjnija. Ovaj uređaj je takođe kompatibilan sa KODI media playerom i na Kodi možete instalirati IPTV kanale dok koristite Apple TV.

Apple TV je moćan medijski uređaj koji se koristi za strujanje medijskih sadržaja, uključujući prijenos uživo. Podržava HDMI priključak, opremljen daljinskim upravljačem zasnovan na infracrvenoj mreži i može se povezati na Internet putem WiFi mreže. Pored toga, korisnici mogu strujati medijski sadržaj sa AirPlay-a ili iTune-a. IPTV možete instalirati na Apple TV putem aplikacije IP Television.

Prednosti Apple TV Setup Box-ova

Apple TV pretvara vaš uobičajeni televizor u Smart TV. 4K televizori su i dalje vrlo skupi, tako da je Apple TV izvrstan izbor za korisnike s ograničenim proračunom. Pruža neograničeno strujanje sadržaja iz iTunesa i drugih važnih dobavljača sadržaja za streaming.

Pristupite širokom spektru igara u odličnom HD kvalitetu. Apple 4K ima uvjerljiv procesor koji se natječe s nekim prijenosnim računalima i može upravljati većinom teških igara na vašem televizoru.

Glasovne mogućnosti Siri omogućavaju korisnicima upravljanje televizorom putem glasa. Glasovnim naredbama možete zahtijevati određeni sadržaj i Siri će vam ih pokazati.

Apple App Store ima čitav niz aplikacija kojima korisnici mogu pristupiti putem Apple TV-a. Uključuju razmjenu fotografija, društvene medije, kupovinu, vježbanje i vremenske prilike.

Mane Apple TV Setup Box-va

Za razliku od ostalih konkurenata poput Rokua i Chromecasta, Apple TV-u nedostaje USB port koji nudi malu podršku za audio i video. Apple ne nudi nadogradnje procesora za svoj uređaj za streaming nakon što ga kupite, zaglavili ste dok se ne pokrene nova nadogradnja.

MAG Boxes

Watching IPTV Hardware - MAG Box

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MAG Setup Boxes


MAG is by far the best device for streaming IPTV channels. Infomir produces Set-Top boxes following the MAG brand. These Set-Top Boxes are multifunctional devices that allow you to quickly organize your media content and use IPTV services.

These MAG Set-Top Boxes are implemented with super powerful hardware that guarantees incredible performance during application launches and IPTV streams.


Advantages of MAG Setup Boxes


Easy to set up compared to other IPTV Setup Boxes. All you need to do is register the mac address of your device which you can find on the back of your MAG Box and add the portal address you can request from your IPTV provider to your MAG box in just a few minutes. After adding the portal address, there is no need to add an additional link for EPG or Picons, as all the necessary data will be received via the portal address you have added to your device.


Disadvantages of MAG Setup Boxes


Compared to other IPTV Setup Boxes, such as the Amazon FireTV stick to which the Android operating system is connected, you cannot install video games or applications on your device because MAG comes with a built-in operating system created by infomir.

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MAG Setup Box-ovi


MAG je daleko najbolji uređaj za streaming IPTV kanala. Infomir proizvodi Set-Top kutije prateći robnu marku MAG. Ovi Set-Top Boxovi su višenamjenski uređaji koji vam omogućavaju brzu organizaciju vaših medijskih sadržaja i korištenje IPTV usluga.

Ovi MAG Set-Top Boxovi implementirani su sa supermoćnim hardverom koji garantuje nevjerovatne performanse tokom pokretanja aplikacija i IPTV streamova.


Prednosti MAG Setup Box-ova


Jednostavno za postavljanje u odnosu na druge IPTV Setup Box-ove. Sve što trebate je registrirati mac adresu svog uređaja koju možete pronaći na poleđini svog MAG Box-a i dodati adresu portala koju možete zatražiti od svog IPTV dobavljača na svoj MAG box u samo nekoliko minuta. Nakon dodavanja adrese portala, nema potrebe za dodavanjem dodatne veze za EPG ili Picons, jer će svi potrebni podaci biti primljeni putem adrese portala koju ste dodali na svoj uređaj.


Mane MAG Setup Box-ova


U usporedbi s ostalim IPTV Setup Box-ovima, kao što je Amazon FireTV stick na koji je priključen Android operativni sistem, ne možete instalirati video igre ili aplikacije na svoj uređaj jer MAG dolazi s ugrađenim operativnim sistemom koji je kreirao infomir.


Watching IPTV Hardware - Enigma2 Box

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Enigma2 Setup Boxes


The Enigma2 software was originally developed by Dream Multimedia. Enigma2 is a successful open source software platform for set-top box devices and is used by a number of different set-top box device manufacturers, including the most famous Dreambox.

Although installing an IPTV channel on an Enigma2-based device is a bit more complicated compared to the other Setup Boxes mentioned in this article, you can use a familiar add-on called the XtreamTV Plugin that makes installing an IPTV channel in your setup box easier.


Advantages of Enigma2 Setup Boxes


Important features of Linux-based receivers are that they have a PowerPC processor that allows the user to improve the firmware (because it is then literally, a Linux-based computer, not a baked receiver). Ethernet port that allows access to IPTV, seven-day network EPG and network file sharing services. Enigma2 usually comes with a CAM (Conditional Access Module) to allow the installation of a smart card to allow access to encrypted channels.


Disadvantages of Enigma2 Setup Boxes


Enigma2 Setup Box is a little harder to set up ie. set to work compared to MAG or Android Setup Boxes and takes a little more time to adjust. Having an EPG on Enigma2 is a bit tricky, and some users dont even know they can install an EPG on enigma2 and simply give it up. Enigma2 receivers are usually weaker in terms of hardware compared to other Setup Boxes.

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Enigma2 Setup Box-ovi


Softver Enigma2 izvorno je razvio Dream Multimedia. Enigma2 je uspješna platforma softvera zasnovana na otvorenom izvornom kodu za set-top box uređaje i koristi je niz različitih proizvođača set-top box uređaja, uključujući i najpoznatiji Dreambox.

Iako je instaliranje IPTV kanala na uređaj zasnovan na Enigma2 malo složeniji u usporedbi s ostalim spomenutim Setup Box-ovima u ovom članku, možete koristiti poznati dodatak pod nazivom XtreamTV Plugin koji instalaciju IPTV kanala na vašem polju za postavljanje čini jednostavnijim.


Prednosti Enigma2 Setup Box-ova


Važne karakteristike prijemnika zasnovanih na Linuxu su da imaju PowerPC procesor koji omogućava poboljšanje firmware-a od strane korisnika (jer je to onda bukvalno, računar zasnovan na Linuxu, a ne pečovan prijemnik). Ethernet priključak koji omogućava ulazak u IPTV, mrežni sedmodnevni EPG i mrežne usluge za razmjenu datoteka. Enigma2 se obično pojavljuje sa CAM-om (modul uslovnog pristupa(Conditional Access Module)) kako bi se omogućilo ugrađivanje pametne kartice kako bi se omogućio pristup šifriranim kanalima.


Mane Enigma2 Setup Box-ova


Enigma2 Setup Box je malo teže postaviti tj. podesiti za rad u odnosu na MAG ili Android Setup Box-ove i potrebno je malo više vremena za prilagođavanje. Imati EPG na Enigma2 pomalo je zeznuto, a neki korisnici čak i ne znaju da mogu instalirati EPG na enigma2 i jednostavno odustati od njega. Enigma2 prijemnici su obično slabiji u pogledu hardvera u odnosu na druge Setup Box-ove.


Watching IPTV Hardware - Roku

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Roku is a Media Streaming Box with which users can easily stream and watch movies, music and TV series on their TV screens. It can be connected to the Internet with WiFi or Ethernet cable. Because Roku streams videos in full HD quality, it needs a strong internet connection.

It is worth mentioning that the latest version, Roku4, can support 4K quality streams. Accordingly, for those customers who have 4K TVs, Roku would be the best choice.


Advantages of Roku Setup Boxes


Roku has the most channels of all the mainstream set-top box devices available on the market and has a voice search feature, and will search multiple services (unlike Amazon Fire TV, which only searches Amazon). You can connect the headphone output with the remote control and installing the IPTV channel on the Roku is very simple and easy to use. Roku is one of the cheap types of streaming devices, Roku streaming devices are easily accessible. The Roku app allows us to control the TV using any device.


Disadvantages of Rock's Setup Boxes


Roku is not supported by YouTube and still cannot be predicted in the future, which is a big disappointment for this amazing Setup Box.

ExYU flag



Roku je Media Streaming Box pomoću kojeg korisnici mogu lako strimovati i gledati filmove, muziku i TV serije na svojim TV ekranima. Na Internet se može povezati WiFi ili Ethernet kabelom. Budući da Roku stream-uje videozapise u punom HD kvalitetu, potrebna mu je jaka internetska veza.

Vrijedno je spomenuti da najnovija verzija, Roku4, može podržavati 4K kvalitetne stream-ove. Shodno tome, za one kupce koji imaju 4K televizore, Roku bi bio najbolji izbor.


Prednosti Roku Setup Box-ova


Roku ima najviše kanala od svih mainstream set-top box uređaja dostupnih na tržištu i ima funkciju glasovnog pretraživanja, a pretraživat će više usluga (za razliku od Amazon Fire TV, koji pretražuje samo Amazon). Izlaz za slušalice možete povezati daljinskim upravljačem i instaliranje IPTV kanala na Roku je vrlo jednostavno i jednostavno za upotrebu. Roku je jedna od jeftinih vrsta streaming uređaja, Roku streaming uređaji su lako pristupačni. Aplikacija Roku omogućuje nam upravljanje televizorom pomoću bilo kojeg uređaja.


Mane Rokuovih Setup Box-ova


Roku ne podržava YouTube i još uvijek se ne može prognozirati u budućnosti, što je veliko razočaranje za ovaj nevjerojatan Setup Box.


Watching IPTV Hardware - VLC

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Computers (laptops and PCs running Windows, Linux, Macintosh)


One of the easiest and fastest ways to stream IPTV channels is to use a computer such as a laptop or computer (desktop or laptop) that has Windows OS or Macintosh or Linux OS.

The application most often used on the mentioned operating systems is VLC media player. VLC offers the best solution for IPTV use and is compatible with most hardware and operating systems.


Advantages of watching IPTV on a computer or laptop


In addition to streaming, computers can be set to use downloaded digital media as well as DVD and Blu-ray playback if you have the right hardware. The best part is that a computer can also be a hub for digital content. You can take your laptop with you wherever you want and watch live broadcasts with a simple internet connection. This way you never miss a TV show or a big sporting event.


Disadvantages of watching IPTV on a computer or laptop


The big disadvantage of using a home center computer for streaming and entertainment is how difficult it can be to switch from one service to another. The biggest constraint for most people, of course, will be costs.

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Kompjuteri (laptop i PC koji koriste Windows, Linux, Macintosh)


Jedan od najlakših i najbržih načina za streaming IPTV kanala je korišćenje računara kao što je laptop ili kompjuter (stolni kompjuter ili laptop) koji ima Windows OS ili Macintosh ili Linux OS.

Aplikacija koja se najčešće koristi na pomenutim operativnim sistemima je VLC media player. VLC nudi najbolje rješenje za upotrebu IPTV-a i kompatibilan je s većinom hardvera i operativnih sistema.


Prednosti gledanja IPTV-a na kompjuteru ili laptopu


Pored usluge streaminga, računari se mogu podesiti tako da koriste preuzete digitalne medije kao i za reprodukciju DVD-a i Blu-ray-a ako imate odgovarajući hardver. Najbolji dio je što računalo može biti i središte za digitalni sadržaj. Laptop možete ponijeti sa sobom bilo gdje želite i gledati prijenose uživo uz jednostavnu internetsku vezu. Na ovaj način nikada ne propustite TV emisiju ili veliki sportski događaj.


Mane gledanja IPTV-a na računaru ili laptopu


Veliki nedostatak upotrebe računara za kućni centar za streaming i zabavu je koliko teško može biti prelazak sa jedne usluge na drugu. Najveće ograničenje za većinu ljudi će, naravno, biti troškovi.


Watching IPTV Hardware - IPTV on Smartphone

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Smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows phone)


Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and play a major rule in our lives. One of the great things about having an IPTV channel on your smartphone is that you can have all the necessary channels anywhere and anytime. That means you never miss a big sporting event or TV series that you can’t miss. Based on your operating system, you can choose different types of applications.

The most commonly used apps are the Perfect Player and GSE apps on Android and iOS anyway, the ExYUIPTV Team definitely recommends the XCIPTV app for all Android and Fire TVs for our lists WolfTV PRO and SmartTV.


Advantages of watching IPTV on smartphones


The main advantage is, of course, the portability of smartphones. With the power of 4G networks and a simple subscription to the M3U, you will never miss a big sporting event or TV series while you are away from home.


Disadvantages of watching IPTV on smartphones


The main drawback is the screen size. While you can easily get used to watching TV on the big screen at home, watching IPTV on a small screen can be a little disappointing.

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Pametni telefoni i tableti (Android, iOS, Windows telefon)


Pametni telefoni i tableti su svugdje i igraju glavno pravilo u našem životu. Jedna od sjajnih stvari u vezi s postojanjem IPTV kanala na pametnom telefonu je ta da sve potrebne kanale možete imati bilo gdje i bilo kada. To znači da nikada ne propustite veliki sportski događaj ili TV seriju koju ne možete propustiti. Na osnovu vašeg operativnog sistema, možete odabrati različite vrste aplikacija.

Najčešće korištene aplikacije su Perfect Player i GSE aplikacija na Androidu i iOS-un u svakom slučaju, ExYUIPTV Team vam svakako preporučuje XCIPTV aplikaciju za sve Android i Fire TV uređaje za naše liste WolfTV PRo i SmartTV.


Prednosti gledanja IPTV-a na pametnim telefonima


Glavna prednost je, naravno, prenosivost pametnih telefona. Snagom 4G mreža i jednostavnom pretplatom na M3U nikada nećete propustiti veliki sportski događaj ili TV seriju dok ste izvan kuće.


Mane gledanja IPTV-a na pametnim telefonima


Glavni nedostatak je veličina ekrana. Dok se kod kuće lako naviknete gledati TV na velikom ekranu, gledanje IPTV-a na ekranu male veličine može biti malo razočaravajuće.

Gaming Consoles

Watching IPTV Hardware - IPTV on Gaming Consoles

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Game consoles (PS4 and Xbox One)


Last but not least, the platform for using IPTV channels is your game console. IPTV on Xbox and PS4 makes these wonderful devices a complete entertainment unit. To have IPTV channels on your Xbox One, you can download Kodi from the Xbox Live Store, which is a great addition to the Xbox.

On the other hand, having IPTV channels on the PS4 is a bit complicated compared to IPTV on the Xbox one. On a PS4, you must use a screen broadcasting application called “Plex” and it must be open at all times while using IPTV channels on your PS4.


Advantages of watching IPTV on game consoles


The main advantage of having an IPTV on a video game console is that after adding a channel, your Xbox One or PS4 turns into a complete package of all the entertainment you need. Another major advantage is that the community of video game console owners is very large and when you encounter a problem, you can easily ask for help on the main online forums and discussion links.


Disadvantages of watching IPTV on game consoles


The only downside we could find is that the PS4 itself doesnt support a streaming app like Kodi (unlike the Xbox One), and to be able to watch IPTV on the PS4, you have to use Plex all the time.

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Igraće konzole (PS4 i Xbox One)


Posljednja, ali ne najmanje važna platforma za korištenje IPTV kanala je vaša igraća konzola. IPTV na Xboxu i PS4 čini ove divne uređaje kompletnom jedinicom za zabavu. Da biste na svom Xbox One imali IPTV kanale, Kodi možete preuzeti iz Xbox Live trgovine, što je sjajan dodatak Xboxu.

S druge strane, imati IPTV kanale na PS4 malo je komplicirano u odnosu na IPTV na Xbox one. Na PS4 morate koristiti aplikaciju za emitiranje ekrana nazvanu "Plex" i ona mora biti otvorena cijelo vrijeme dok na svom PS4 koristite IPTV kanale.


Prednosti gledanja IPTV-a na igraćim konzolama


Glavna prednost postojanja IPTV-a na konzoli za video igre je što se nakon dodavanja kanala vaš Xbox One ili PS4 pretvara u kompletan paket sve zabave koja vam je potrebna. Druga glavna prednost je ta što je zajednica vlasnika konzola za video igre vrlo velika i kad naiđete na problem, lako možete zatražiti pomoć na glavnim mrežnim forumima i linkovima za raspravu.


Mane gledanja IPTV-a na igraćim konzolama


Jedini nedostatak koji smo mogli naći je da PS4 sam po sebi ne podržava streaming aplikaciju kao što je Kodi (za razliku od Xbox One), a da biste mogli gledati IPTV na PS4, morate stalno koristiti Plex.



That's it. We have tried to explain all five major IPTV streaming devices in an extensive article.



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